What Clients say

What Our Clients Say

It is comforting to know that although I train regularly with you to keep fit – that if I have a problem, that you are versatile and able enough to deal with an painful injury from an accident.

- Jack Bentata

The feedback I received from patients was always extremely positive. David and his team have the ability to make clients feel at ease and have the capacity to convert even the most hardened couch potato into an exercise enthusiast!

- Sarah Weldon BSc (Hons) Osteopath

David and his team did not give up on me and I feel wonderful as a result. In the past I have managed to hurt myself at various gyms with a trainer, on a recommendation from my osteopath I came to Can Do Health & Fitness. I didn’t expect to enjoy working out, nor did I expect that I could workout in a gym knowing I was safe and wouldn’t get hurt.

- Sue Peires

He’s my secret weapon if I need to prepare physically for a role. My life can often be hectic and all over the place but sessions with David give me a calmness and focus to deal with all of this.

- Michelle Collins – Actress