The Art Of Chillaxing..

Meditation and the art of “chillaxing”


If you struggle to deal with Monday morning’s or Tuesday and Wednesday morning’s even then perhaps you need to learn how to switch off a bit more. Our meditation and relaxation specialist Simon Paul Frost from is holding a meditation workshop at the studio in Highgate next Wednesday 25th April and in this article he explains why we need to learn to chillax…


Ask most people if they meditate… the answer would be NO…
Ask most people if they want to feel calm, relaxed, be free from tension, anxiety and be happy about life…the answer would be YES…


Why is it then that most people don’t meditate…but desire the mind set and feelings that meditation provides?


I believe it is the old associations: after all, what does the word meditation mean to you? Orange robed monks sitting in silence for hours on end – a chilled out hippie or even an anti religious practice that is more witch craft than prayer … the list could go on!


If we feel limited by restrictions in our lives then we can lose hope – if however, we can remain calm then we enter a place of better understanding and from this objective perspective we can create any desired changes.


How often have you been in a place of regretful hind sight? Wouldn’t it be great to be in a place of productive for sight and be able to focus on the things you do want rather than waste your energy on all the things you don’t?

Times have changed but our human needs haven’t – we all love to feel calm, we all love to relax and we all would love our lives to be happy and positive…so what are you waiting for?


If you learn to meditate (like a work-out for the mind; the more you do the quicker and faster you become) not only will you be able to understand what meditation is all about you will also be able to say to this modern world that you also know how to “chillax”!


To chill = to feel calm and anxiety free.


To relax = to be tension-free and happy.


To book your place at the workshop on Wednesday 25th April 2012 Contact Us at the studio.


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